If you are interested in some of my work, please write me an email. I also do commissioned work.

I would love to hear from you: tildegrynnerup@gmail.com  


Tilde Grynnerup, 1973. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. On Instagram / Tilde Grynnerup 

Autodidact artist working across different medias such as textile, wood, installation, conceptual, photography, film.

Educated in textile design and specialized in embroidery.

Having spent a decade writing songs, and another decade working with fashion, it makes sense to create works of art, combining words and textile. And having grown up with the inherited craftsmanship skills from my carpenter father, woodwork is like family.

I choose whichever media expresses my vision the best, and i work without limitations. I like to explore. 

Driven by social indignation and a general curiosity about people and life, the projects usually aim to communicate a thought or a feeling. Something true and profound. I wonder a lot, the projects gives me relief, especially when using humor. As Meret Oppenheim believed, "humor can make wisdom bearable".