Participatory Arts and Media!

I just enrolled in a course called Introduction to participatory arts and media. Its an online course  by The University of Sunderland, which in itself feels very exotic sitting in a flat in Copenhagen Denmark.

The subject im learning about is Participatory Arts. A long word I initially had to look up just to be sure. Participatory art means someone is participating in the artwork. How wonderful. It somehow connects to my projects "LIKE" 2016, "Box of smiling eyes" 2014 and "Private messages in public places" 2017.  Im currently working on a piece called "As long as we have each other. " So Learning about this method, looking at what it can do, and how it works. It kind of legitimizes my work and even my thinking. One thing is following your own ideas because you just have to, another is to look at your projects and work methods and being able to analyze and understand.